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Attendance Policy

High School

In order to pass a class, a student must attend 89% of the days in a semester.  If a student misses more days due to serious illness or injury, the administrator must determine that the illness or injury is serious enough to prevent the student from attending school.  The Kellyville Board of Education and/or administration may require a doctor’s verification to certify that any student is physically and/or mentally able to attend classes or unable to attend classes.  If a student transfers from another school, his/her absences at that school count toward the total percentage of days in attendance at Kellyville Schools.  If attendance is less than 89% in the previous semester, the student may not be allowed to participate in school activities. 


1.  Any student who is more than ten (10) minutes late to class is recorded absent.


2.  Students, who for any reason other than school-sponsored activities, attend less than 89% of

     a class during a semester may not receive credit for the class. 


3.  All exceptions to this rule must be requested in writing to the High School office by the

     parents/guardians with documentation for medical reasons of consecutive absences, or family

     emergencies, no later than three (3) days after the close of the semester.  Exceptions will be

     determined by the administrator.  If the administrator denies the waiver, the parents/guardians

     may request a review by the attendance committee composed of a different administrator, the

     school health aide, a teacher, and a counselor.   Physician notes will considered by admini-

     stration at the end of a semester but will not automatically reduce the absence total. 


4.  Absences that are due to vacation or truancy may not be waived.


5.  After a student’s fifth absence, the parents/guardians will receive a reminder letter detailing

     attendance policy and also a count of student absences for the current semester.

Parental Responsibility For Attendance

Oklahoma School Law Section 229.  ­Neglect or Refusal to Compel Child to AttendSchool-- Exceptions.­


It shall be unlawful for a parent, guardian, or other person having custody of a child who is over the age of five (5) years and under the age of eighteen (18) years, to neglect or refuse to cause or compel such child to attend and comply with the rules of some public, private or other school, unless other means of education are provided for the full term the schools of the district are in session.

Parents are expected to contact the school on the day that their child is absent due to illness, death in the family, or emergency.  Otherwise, a note must be sent with the student upon his/her return which states the reason for such absence.

Student Responsibility For Attendance

It is the sole responsibility of the student to contact all teachers and arrange for make-up and completion of all required assignments.


When a student is absent, a phone call should be made or a note sent by the parent explaining the absence.  If valid notification is not made, the absence will be unexcused.  If valid notification is not made within 24 hours, the absence will remain unexcused.