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Back To School Plan 2020-2021

Kellyville 2020-2021 school plan

Please note that these guidelines are current as of August 17th, 2020.

The official school reopening plan for the 2020-2021 school year has been finalized.   Please click on this link to view the plan. 


Please also note that the new start date for Kellyville Schools will be August 27th.  





Additional information

Kellyville Public Schools is scheduled to begin the new school year on August 27th and we are excited to welcome our students back to campus. We are working with surrounding school districts, Career Tech, and our local and state health departments to ensure that we provide our students, faculty, and staff with the safest learning environment possible, while keeping in mind that many of our students and teachers wish to return to the Kellyville campus to begin the new year.


However, we do also recognize that many families are finding themselves in circumstances that may require greater flexibility in regards to the education of their children.  For this reason, Kellyville Schools will be providing two learning options for the upcoming school year.   We will be offering an on-campus traditional learning option as well as a virtual learning option for parents and students that may need additional flexibility.


The virtual learning option for this fall will look much different than the plan put together last spring.   The option last spring was born out of a need to keep learning going while adjusting to a drastically new reality.  We have now had time to put together a comprehensive virtual learning program that will allow our virtual students to receive the same instruction that is being provided to our on-campus students.   Students in grades 3-12 will be using the Canvas learning system that is used in many K-12 school districts throughout the country as well as at many universities including OU and OSU.   Our younger students in grades PreK - 2 will be using the Seesaw learning platform as it is geared towards younger learners.  Seesaw is also widely used and it will provide exciting learning opportunities for our younger students.


Our teachers are currently hard at work putting together video lectures, demonstrations and assignments that will mirror those given to our on-campus students.  So regardless of the learning option that you choose, your student will be receiving the same instruction whether they are on-campus or online.  


Please evaluate the two enrollment options that will be available for students attending Kellyville Schools during the 2020-2021 school year. We are asking that if you will be choosing the Virtual (at-home) instruction for your students, that you complete our DISTANCE LEARNING COMMITMENT FORM no later than August 21st.  This will assist us as we prepare to open back up in the fall.

If you have questions about the learning options provided below please contact us via our webmaster address at or you may also contact your site principal:


KHS- Danny Wood –, 918-247-6133 ext-401
KMS- Rod Pitts –, 918-247-6133 ext-301
Upper EL- Marcie Lawley –, 918-247-6133 ext-201
Elementary - John Castillo –, 918-247-6133 ext-101



Some of the answers in the FAQ section are subject to change in the event that we need to transition to Distance Learning. 

Contact Information For any questions and/or concerns, please either email or call the district office at (918)247-6133 Ext. 501. 
New Student Enrollment Welcome to Kellyville Schools! We are happy to have you. Please refer to our enrollment page for more information. 
First day of school & District Calendar The first day of school will be August 27th, 2020. Please click here to see an updated district calendar. 
Will masks be required? 

Please see our official 2020-2021 Guidelines regarding masks - information found on page 5. 

After selecting a certain learning option for my student, will I be able to switch? 

After the August 21st deadline, if you have selected the "All Distance Learning" option for your student, they must remain in this option for the first 9 weeks. They will be able to return to at-school learning during the second nine weeks period which starts October 29th, or at the beginning of the second semester which starts January 19th. 

If you have chosen the in-person learning option, and the event occurs where a student must go into quarantine, they can easily transition to virtual learning for the quarantine period and transition back to in-person learning once they are cleared.  

Distance Learning in the Event of Closure If a shutdown of any kind occurs, the curriculum and level of accountability of our Distance Learning Model will be similar to the typical experience of our traditional and virtual options. This will be the plan we will use for intermittent or long-term closures due to health or weather-related circumstances. 
School Times

Kellyville Elementary & Upper Elementary

Start time: 8:05 AM

End time: 2:50 PM


Kellyville Middle & High School

Start time: 8:00 AM

End time: 2:45 PM

Lunch Pricing

Breakfast Pricing:

All Sites: $1.40

Reduced Pricing: $0.30

Adult Pricing: $1.90


Lunch Pricing:

Elementary & Upper Elementary: $2.55

Middle & High School: $2.95

Reduced Pricing (all sites): $0.40

Adult Pricing: $3.95

School Supply Lists Information about your student's supplies will be updated soon. 
Meet your Teacher & Schedule Pickup Events such as Meet Your Teacher and Schedule pickup with be much different this year due to the pandemic. Please continue to check our website for the very latest information regarding events and activities. 
Transportation                   During the 2020-2021 school year, bussing is a particular concern for all state schools and career tech centers. We respectfully ask you to transport your student to school and pick them up at the end of the day when possible. Bus riders are required to wear a mask when being transported in school vehicles.
1:1 Devices

Each student in grades 7 - 12 will be issued a school Chromebook that will be used for instructional purposes. These devices will be allowed to be taken home regardless of what instructional method is chosen. 

Students in grades PK - 6 will have school issued devices while on campus. If the distance learning method is chosen, devices will be allowed to be taken home. In the event of a shutdown, these devices will go home with students to be used for distance learning. These plans are subject to change. 

NOTE:  We are working with vendors to get enough devices in the hands of students as quickly as possible, however due to high demand we these devices are currently backordered and will not be available for at least the first few weeks of school. 

Online Payments Kellyville Public Schools is working on implementing a digital payment system that will be available to parents. This will be used to pay lunch fees, and other costs associated with students. We hope to have this system available as soon as possible. Once we have this system up and running parents will be notified.