January Teacher of the Month: Amy Causon

Mrs. Causon has a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education (English) from the Oklahoma State University.

She has been teaching for 25 years - all at Kellyville HS.

Her current teaching load involves AP English IV, English IV, & English III.

Causon has been the leader of Student Council for 21 years. She is also working to help with Prom this year.

Her outside activities include her children and taking them to all of their sporting activities (Volleyball, Soccer, and Boy Scouts). She loves to travel, read, oil painting, and cooking.

She is married to James Causon (Jim). They've have been married for 16 years.

Her children include Adam -29, Nick -26, Logan -22, Emma -15, Alex -12, Grandson Rett - 10 months.

Be yourself and take pride in every aspect of your life -your appearance and attitude. Attitude is everything - have a great one!! Also, be an honest person in school, work, and personal life. Have a balance in life - work hard but reward yourself with relaxation and fun. :)

January Girl of the Month: Courtney Canales

Courtney has attended Kellyville for 13 years.

Her favorite memory is when Mrs. Martin and Mr. Stout were pulling pranks on eachother, a group of students got together with Mrs. Martin and put OU & Panda pictures all over his room. When Mr. Stout saw them he wouldn’t talk to us for a week. (Mr. Stout hates OU and Pandas)

Editorial note: I (Mr. Stout) was mad because those students were traitors. I spent one whole class just using the whiteboard to communicate. Pandas are lazy animals that we prop up with kindness. Survival of the fittest please. Go POKES!

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Archer. He didn’t only teach me about computer, but also taught me life lessons.

Her activities involve Cheerleading, Yearbook, BPA, and HOSA

Favorite Meme - DOGE

Favorite Hashtag - #Seniorsunday #almostdone

Future plans- Become a registered nurse

Participate and do as many clubs as you can. Show your school spirit! You may feel dumb in the moment, but you will look back and regret not doing more.

January Boy of the Month: Brayden Degraffenreid

Brayden has attended Kellyville for 14 years.

His favorite school memory is hitting a walkoff in the 7th inning to beat Checotah High School.

His favorite teacher is Coach Marts. We get to do athletic activities every day.

His activities include Concurrent Enrollment, Office Aide, Leadership, baseball and basketball.

Favorite Meme - The dude hates memes

Favorite Hashtag - #Doyouknowdawae

His plans involve going to The Oklahoma State University.

Take school seriously and enjoy it while it lasts because it goes quick.