November Teacher of the Month: Alaina Collier

Mrs. Collier has a Bachelors of Art in Education.

She has been teaching for 7 years at Kellyville.

Her current teaching load involves Art and AP Studio Art.

Collier runs the Academic Team, Sophomore Class, Class Competition, and Beta Club.

“Oh, I’m supposed to have a life outside of school? JK! My kids and cooking!”

She is married to Matthew Collier of 7 years.

Her children include Brooks and Baker - 2!

Do your sketchbook and did you know that you can pay on your student loans (Interest free) while you’re in college still?

November Girl of the Month: Amanda Asanuma

Amanda has attended Kellyville for 9 years.

Her favorite memory is starting to play basketball in the 4th grade.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Kieffer - He’s “Littely” the best (sic)

Her activities involve Stuco, Spanish Club, Influence, basketball, track, Academic Team, FCA, and Parkour.

Favorite Meme - Some meme about being quiet in the bathroom

Favorite Hashtag - #Spashclan

Future plans- Play basketball in college and be a psychologist.

How to succeed in life: Matthew 5:44 “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”

November Boy of the Month: Tucker Peterson

Tucker has attended Kellyville for ALL OF HIS LIFE.

His favorite school memory is having to go get stitches in Pre-K. He was pushed down in Pre-K and busted his chin on a cement bench while playing tag.

His favorite teacher is Mr. Wasson. Every day when class started he would say something about somebody to make the whole class laugh.

His activities include School, Basketball and NHS

Favorite Meme - badluck Bryan

Favorite Hashtag - #instagramlesstucker

His plans involve going to college and get Moolah (some form of currency with cows or something).

Try to get a full nights rest while you can because you won’t have that opportunity later in high school.