October Teacher of the Month: Adam Pinkerton

Coach Pinkerton has a Bachelor of Arts in Education - Social Studies from Northeastern State.

He has taught for 3 years - all in Kellyville.

He teaches Middle and High school history.

Coach Pinkerton helps with Football, Baseball, FCA, Middle School Stuco.

The best part of being a teacher is influencing lives.

October Girl of the Month: Emily Grace McDougal

Emily has attended Kellyville for 10 years.

Her favorite memory is when she met her friend Tess Pogany, Heidi Jester, and Dustie Evans for the first time.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Sebring because he makes class fun and I understand what he teaches.

Her school activities include 4-H, FCCLA, FCA, Stuco, Influence, and dance.

After school she plans on going to OSU stillwater to study the Culinary Arts.

Pay attention, get good grades, and have good friends to help you along the way.

October Boy of the Month: Luke Chey

Luke has attended Kellyville for 1 year.

His favorite memory of school: “At the end of 7th grade, my friend and I ran to the elementary school instead of taking the shuttle bus”

His favorite teacher is Mr. Palesano because he doesn’t get mad and doesn’t give us homework (yet).

Currently Luke is not involved in any activities (yet).

After school he wants to attend the Utah State University at Park City.

His best tips include not missing class and doing your homework.

Luke has been skiing in Park City for 3 years and would love to go back to that city.