October Teacher of the Month: Paul Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter has:

Associate of Applied Science, Georgia Military College

Bachelor of Science, Fayetteville State University

Master of Education, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

He has been teaching for 12 years. He has taught at Ripley HS, OSU, Kellyville, and Star Spencer HS.

His current teaching load involves Spanish I, II, III, and IV.

Carpenter runs the Spanish Club.

His interests outside of school include fishing.

His wife of 26 years, Ibeth

His children include Paul Joseph- 24, Gigi - 21, Aly - 18

Be nice, work hard, and never quit.

October Girl of the Month: Kaitlyn Wiggs

Kaitlyn has attended Kellyville for 13 years.

Her favorite memory: “Shayda and I tried to trick our friends into thinking we were fighting in the 5th grade and when I couldn’t breathe in the choke hold she put me in I bit her, it bruised immediately and we had to call our parents. We ended up having to clean the whiteboards for a week.”

Her favorite teacher is Coach Smith because she has always been there to support me since 7th grade.

Her activities involve Football training, Basketball training, Slow Pitch Softball training, Stuco, Influence, Beta, and P7.

Favorite Meme - I wish I could but I don’t want to

Favorite Hashtag - #KVrising

Future plans- Get my Bachelor’s in Nursing, get married, and raise a family.

October Boy of the Month: Micheal Jones

Michael has attended Kellyville for 14 years.

His favorite school memory is his freshman year geometry class.

His favorite teacher is Mrs. Martin because she has really opened his eyes and made a big impact in his life

His activities include Football and Baseball.

Favorite Meme - Dank Memes

Favorite Hashtag - #lol

He wants to be a Registered Nurse.

Don’t procrastinate, be careful about posting online, find who your real friends are, and think about the future. Freshman - all 4 years fly by quick. Make them count.