Hello everyone


The Kellyville Elementary School PTO holds meetings once a month that are open to everyone - we hope that you can come and share your opinions and offer help in areas that interest you.

It is at these meetings that the Kellyville PTO will brainstorm ideas for planning new events for the students and teachers  We will also plan exciting, new fundraiser events to provide assistance to the school and the teacher's that often use their own money for classroom projects.  We also use this time to discuss school-related topics and answer any questions from new parents. 

No one is persuaded to participate in activities that do not interest them - the members of the Kellyville PTO have a lot of fun spending time with our own children and all of their friends, and we know that you will too!

What does the Kellyville PTO actually do?
     With your help and membership, the PTO has been able to provide these fun activities:

Family Fun Nights Holiday Shop
Teacher Appreciation Days Valentines Gram's 
Honor Roll Activities Box Top Prizes
Field Day Purchased Books for the Libraries


Remember that the PTO helps our kids and improves our school. With your continued support, the PTO can provide Kellyville's students with wonderful programs this year and every year.

We can’t do it without you. Thank you for your support!


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