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Middle School and High School Red Ribbon Week



Elementary & Upper Elementary Red Ribbon Week

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Congratulations to our FFA Chapter and their huge success at the Tulsa State Fair.

Thursday October 16, 2014 Kellyville Middle School Cross Country teams participated in the 21st annual State Championship Runs. Prior to the State Run, both the boys and girls teams had competed on a very high level. Runners Gavon Jones, Melissa Love, Jada Kendrick, McKaylon Weaver and Wesley Parrick medaled at every meet. 2014-10-21_153428.jpg

The State Run consisted of the boys running 2 miles and the girls running 1.5 miles. They medaled the top 30 and Kellyville brought home 8 medals in all. Along with the medals the boys finished 3rd overall and the girls finished 4th, bringing back 4 first teams All-Stars including Gavon Jones (6th), Wesley Parrick (7th), Melissa Love (8th), and McKaylon Weaver (9th). One second team All-Star including Jacob Boomer (15th), and three third team All-Stars including Carson Brown (21st), Jada Kendrick (22nd), and Garret Hill (29th). 


Congratulations to all, and great job! 2014-10-21_153931.jpg


Our Kellyville Little League football night will be October 31st, with kickoff starting at 7:00 PM. All little league football players and cheerleaders in uniform will get in free at high school football game. 


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